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SourceWriters - Addons for games

Advanced software-solutions for games made in Germany

Welcome at SourceWriters

SourceWriters is the game addons division of SyntaxPhoenix IT-Solutions and has always been developing addons for Minecraft and other games. Our software is characterized by reliability and extensive support.
Business-man with metrics
Business-man with metrics

Reliable software that enhances your game

Our software is developed using the latest technologies and standards to ensure that it is reliable and has the least possible impact on game performance. In addition, to prevent bugs and identify errors at an early stage, we use enterprise methods such as CI/CD to continuously check the source code, which sets new standards in the game addon industry.

Why SourceWriters?

Stable Software

Our software-solutions are made with newest technologies and techniques to monitor problems and improve stability.


Professional and fast support is important for customers that want to build a community around their game.


Software made by SourceWriters always uses newest standards and technologies to improve performance.

Some of our projects

Screenshot of RealisticWorldGenerator



RealisticWorldGenerator is a custom worldgenerator for the game Minecraft. It generates custom worlds with new biomes and structures while being fully customizable.

Screenshot of SmoothTimber



SmoothTimber is a addon for the game Minecraft, which adds the ability to cut down trees with a single click, instead of needing to cut each block of the tree by hand.

Screenshot of LoginPlus



LoginPlus is a login-system for the game Minecraft to add a new layer of security to prevent people from greefing players builds, when the players account was hacked.