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Advanced software-solutions for games made in Germany

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Reliable software extending your game

SourceWriters creates and maintains software with newest technologies and techniques to generate reliable and stable software with small footprints. By using CI/CD code-standards are automatically checked and code-style is hold on a high level, while offering the possibilities of fast and stable deployment.

Some of our projects

Screenshot of RealisticWorldGenerator



RealisticWorldGenerator is a custom worldgenerator for the game Minecraft. It generates custom worlds with new biomes and structures while being fully customizable.

Screenshot of SmoothTimber



SmoothTimber is a addon for the game Minecraft, which adds the ability to cut down trees with a single click, instead of needing to cut each block of the tree by hand.

Screenshot of LoginPlus



LoginPlus is a login-system for the game Minecraft to add a new layer of security to prevent people from greefing players builds, when the players account was hacked.

Why SourceWriters?

Stable Software

Our software-solutions are made with newest technologies and techniques to monitor problems and improve stability.


Professional and fast support is important for customers that want to build a community around their game.


Software made by SourceWriters always uses newest standards and technologies to improve performance.