SmoothTimber - screenshot


SmoothTimber is a easy to use Tree Chopper addon for Minecraft servers.
It can currently be installed on every Spigot server and forks of it.
It supports Minecraft 1.8 up to the latest version!

SmoothTimber has a couple of features which some other Tree Chopper maybe don't have but it also lacks some features of other Tree Choppers.
Here a small table for that

Please note that this table might not be 100% correct!
If you want to be sure what is currently planned or implemented look on the plugin page (Free download page) or on our Github page (Source Code page)
IncludedPlannedConsideredNot included
tree chopping animationtree detection algorithmsupport for Forgeautomatic sapling replacement
limit the amount of blocks that can be chopped at once (config and permission)better debuggingsupport for Fabric
support for enchantments (Fortune and Unbreaking)support for Sponge
algorithm to prevent duplicated item dropssupport for unbreakable item flag
async wood detection algorithmsupport for custom items (via Tag or something)(
check for player placed blocks (with third party plugin installed - recommend: LogBlock)
automatic config reload on setting change
toggleable tool (can be turned on and off)
also supports custom trees (example of RWG)
most things can be changed in the config file (example: detection radius; default limit; axe materials)