RealisticWorldGenerator was initially created 2015 as minecraft-plugin for spigot 1.8. Over time RWG evolved into one of the most bought plugins on spigot, currently ranking among the top 10 premium-plugins on spigot.

RealisticWorldGenerator is designed as a customizable, powerful worldgenerator. Due to its flexibility it evolved far behind the fact realistic. Thanks to many configuration options the ability to create new, completely different worlds are sheer endless. But RealisticWorldGenerator does also take control of sapling-growth if you want - Giving you the opportunity to create a complete feeling, beginning by the world ending by the gameplay.

While RWG offers way more options then listed below, this are the most important ones:

  • High-quality generation
  • Extremely customizable ( Look at the presets and our example configuration )
  • Update guarantee: We'll update RWG always within a week after a new spigot release
  • Support for Custom Items from ItemsAdder, CustomItems and Oraxen
  • Support for PlaceholderAPI
  • Stability system to prevent corrupted Chunks ( click for more info )
  • Fast schematic file system for structures and trees (including random blocks like bee nests)
  • A configurable custom cave system with up to 7 types of caves which can also be mixed
  • Minecraft world seed support
  • Realistic lakes and oceans
  • Customizable and rich ore spawning
  • Customizable and rich ground design
  • Customizable hills layouts
  • Per-world configurations
  • Custom and customizable structures
  • Included World-border
  • Control over Sapling-Growing
  • Total control of chest-filling for each structure
  • Customizable in-game messages
  • Locateable structures
  • Custom replacements(vanilla-structures do not spawn) for villages, monuments, temples, mansions, shipwrecks, pillager-outposts, strongholds and mineshafts
  • Works on Paper as well as Paper forks
  • Optional flat area at spawn-region for buildings
  • Custom designed biomes : Birch forest, Desert, Lands of death, Ice-lands, Jungle, Mixed forest, Oak forest, Dark forest, Extreme hills, Savanna, Swamp-lands, Pine forest, Taiga, Oceans

Thats not enought for you? Take a look yourself into the video of RealisticWorldGenerator


Screenshots of RealisticWorldGenerator

Sometimes screenshots just show the real beauty of the worlds created with RealisticWorldGenerator, but have in mind: This are just examples from the default-configuration. The options you have are going far behind this: